Recently, two friends of mine from high school had a baby.  I say friends in the way you say “oh, yeah I was friends with that guy in high school, they dated so and so.”  Really, I knew these two people in high school and haven’t looked back since.  But, this past week has changed that.

Watching, or I guess reading about what this family has been going through puts me back 10 months ago to what I was going through with Christopher and my own family.  Usually, I talk about Christopher being a preemie and navigating the NICU with nonchalance and a laugh but, reliving it through the Allens has brought it back in a new light.  Seeing it through another family’s eyes is showing me just what a miracle we experienced and is making me pray just as hard for this family as my own.

I have added a link to the Allens’ blog for anyone that would like to send prayers their way.  I am also adding a tab to our blog titled “Christopher’s Story.”  I’ve been meaning to write his story for him so, that one day I can tell him all about his crazy first weeks of life.  I’m also doing it for people like the Allens and other NICU families so that they can see there is a light at the end of the tunnel.