It’s true, my little boy is growing up!

The past two days have been exciting yet bittersweet for me as a mom.  Yesterday, Christopher took his first unaided steps!!  Right there, in the middle of the living room he made a break for it(more towards eating the sofa but, it still counts as a break!).  We were playing in the living room before dinner and I was trying to get him to practice standing.  He’s a champion stander.  All of a sudden, he let go of both of my hands and took two steps towards the sofa.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  The coolest part was that he did it again for his dad when he got home.

After almost a year of reminding myself that he will be slower to develop than some of his friends and his adjusted age is two and half months behind his chronological age, this was a great achievement.  This means that he walked a week and a half before his first birthday and at his adjusted age of 9.5 months.  Too cool!

Sadly though, walking means less carrying time with mom and more independence which leads me to our other major event… we stopped breastfeeding.  This is something that I’m finding harder to believe than the walking.  I was determined to make it a year and we stopped just a week short of it so, I’m saying I MADE IT!!

What makes this so much more of an accomplishment for me is that for the first 6 weeks of his life, I pumped every three hours for him.  Because he was born so early, he was born without the sucking reflex that babies have.  He was fed my milk through a tube and we taught him first, with a pacifier, then with a bottle, and finally on the breast, how to suck  and be able to eat.  He was also a champion breast feeder.  The nurses said he was the best on the floor.  That’s my kid!

During that time, I didn’t know if I was going to make it with the breastfeeding.  I had a very intimate relationship with my hospital grade pump, sometimes even falling asleep while pumping.  Once we got Christopher home, I felt like all I did was feed him.  But, I was bound and determined to stick it out.  I’m not one of those “Breast is Best” women, I just made the decision that since I was able to do it I would.  I think that each mom needs to do what is best for her and her child, as well as her mental state.

So, after almost a full year of awesome breastfeeding, Christopher became a biter.  UGH!  No one can understand how awful this is until it happens to you but, a friend of mine put it very well when she said…”get me a pair of pliers and I’ll clamp them down on your nipples.”  Yup, that’s about right.  Not only does it hurt physically, it hurts emotionally.  No, they don’t know that they’re hurting you but, it still feels like a slap in the face.  How could someone that you have nurtured from your own body just bite you like that?  The first time he bit me, I cried.  Like I said, they don’t realize that it’s bad.

Yesterday morning was our very last breastfeeding session and yes, he bit me again.  Oh, so sad that it couldn’t be a perfect morning.  But, even my husband was on board with it being time to stop.  How fitting, though, that on the day of our last breastfeeding he takes his first step.

This morning we got up and instead of snuggling for feeding, we got up and ate cereal and then played with our toys.  He didn’t even notice that we skipped our “session.”  They just grow up so fast!!