I’m officially making the announcement…Christopher is going to be a big brother!  Yup, we’re pregnant!

As of yesterday, I am 12 weeks pregnant with Baby #2 and I am so excited.

I know what you’re asking…”Christine, were you trying??  What about the preeclampsia??  Are you sure??”

Well, sort of.  If Mark had his way we would have been pregnant 6 months ago and I was definitely not ready for that!  We weren’t actively trying yet and we weren’t actively preventing either.  We were going to start trying after Christmas but, like most things in this family it happened a little earlier than planned.  But, like I said, we are so excited.  This pregnancy is like night and day from the last one but, more on that later.

As far as the preeclampsia goes, yes I’m scared.  But, the way my OB described the situation is how I’m thinking about it.  Basically, I have a 30% chance of developing preeclampsia again.  That means that there is a 70% chance that I WON’T get it.  He also said that typically if  you do develop it again, that it is moderate and doesn’t develop until 35-38 weeks.  That being said, I am a high risk patient.  I will be monitored more carefully and have more appointments.  At week 26, when my symptoms developed the first time around, I will start having more checkups and sonograms.  As my doctor said Baby #2 will be on-screen a lot!

I will also be purchasing a blood pressure cuff so, I can check my BP every day.  That way I can tell if  something seems off and I can get in to see the doctor earlier if needed.  The most important thing… I’m not working this time!  Yes, I am chasing a toddler around but, I’m not unloading trucks and dealing with retail catastrophes.

And am I sure?  Are you ever really sure?  I had a friend that described giving birth as being at the top of the roller coaster and not being able to get off.  I think that most people feel like but, I am completely sure that this is right.  I am completely sure that I am supposed to be a mom of two.  Do I want to be sick and fat, not really, but, it’s totally worth it.

I will definitely keep everyone updated on what is going on this time around.  Being pregnant while trying to keep up with a toddler is definitely an adventure!