Last week my darling child learned how to open doors by himself…while I was in the bathroom.  I know eventually this could help him learn to go pee pee by himself but, I was utterly unprepared to set an example so early.

Our doors are the french style doors that just pull down instead of twist to open.  So, they are actually fairly easy for him to figure out.  All he has to do is be tall enough to reach and then pull down, which is what he’s been doing every day since then.

A few weeks ago we bought a new gate to block off the hallway to our kitchen so, Christopher pretty much has free reign of the living room and hallway that leads to the 3 bedrooms and bathroom.  This means 4 doors to play with as well as the coat closet and extra pantry we have.  Out of all of these fun rooms to play in, only Christopher’s room and the living room are fully baby-proofed where he doesn’t have to have a constant eye on him.

So, over the weekend Mark went out and bought safety locks for all of our doors.  Yesterday, I installed them.  These safety locks are actually pretty cool except for the fact that you have to actually remove and reinstall the door knobs.  They are made by Safety 1st and are white so they match my doors.  Once they are installed there is a button that is on the underside of the latch, you push down the button and move it under the latch so it can’t be pulled down.  If you need to open the door you push the button to the other side and the latch can be pulled down again.

This brings me to the point of this post.  When you go into a room, like the bathroom, and you leave your child outside the door and lock the latch before you go into said room because you think you’re being clever and he won’t open the door… You are NOT being clever, you are locking yourself inside the bathroom with your child on the outside.  It was awesome.

Mid pee I realized that I am an idiot and was locked inside my bathroom.  I could also hear Christopher trying to open the door to the water heater closet that doesn’t have a latch lock yet because we were short one.  I grabbed the bathroom door handle and of course it wouldn’t open.  I had a momentary freak out and then I jiggled the handle and tried to force the door open.  Thank the lord it worked!  Christopher didn’t get into the water heater closet and everyone was happy.

The lesson of this story…make sure you know how all of your child safety equipment works and how to use it before you install and use it or you could end up locking yourself in the bathroom while your child runs free through your house!