Since Christopher was born I have been a big advocate for the March of Dimes.  When I felt like I was all alone in the big NICU world I could look to their Share site and read stories of other families going through the same thing I was.  I could also read all of their great research and information about preemies and life in the NICU.  The March of Dimes website and Share families helped me through a tough 47 days and I still refer back to them either for myself or to help others going through similar situations.

I have talked about this before but, there are many, too many babies born too early every year which is why this is the second year I am participating in March for Babies.  Last year, my team Crazy for Christopher raised $190 and this year I am proud to announce that we tripled our fundraising to $610.  Woohoo.  I have a great idea up my sleeve for next year to raise even more!

Tomorrow morning hopefully we will not see any rain and team Crazy for Christopher will be out there walking for preemies, babies, and pregnant mommies.  I just want to say THANK YOU to those that donated to our team and if you are in the Dallas area tomorrow morning come out and join us for a 5 mile walk around White Rock Lake!

March for Babies 2009