On Tuesday I’ll be 25 weeks pregnant.  In a way time is flying by.  In another way, the every day gets more uncomfortable, my skin really isn’t made to stretch like this, what is constantly moving in my stomach??, time is slowly creeping by.

I know when I was pregnant with Christopher I noticed all of these things good and bad but, I think I was so wrapped up in work that I just pushed through them.  This time around I’m noticing more of the movements and more of the tiredness and just more.  It’s different.

We had a minor scare this past week.  I started experiencing cramping and we thought it might be pre term labor.  The doctor told me to rest and not to lift anything until he could see me the following morning.  After getting checked out and getting a few tests run every thing was normal.  He said it was probably ligament pain, which means muscles stretching and causing pain.  I knew my stomach wasn’t supposed to stretch like that!

Anyway, the whole experience freaked me out a little bit.  I’ve said from the beginning that this time when I reach 30 weeks I’m having a party because that means I made it past 29 weeks and 5 days that I was at when I had Christopher.  When there was a possibility that something could be going wrong again it was so frustrating, especially because I’m still 4.5 weeks away from where I was the first time.

The closer I get to 29 weeks, the more on edge I feel.  I’m hoping that I’ll hit 29 weeks and just keep going like any normal pregnant lady, only with a minor celebration when I hit 30 weeks!

So far, everything else has been great.  Weight gain is on track.  I never got really sick except for the flu incident.  Really, the only hard thing has been being really tired all the time and trying to keep up with Christopher.  I’d much rather have that over working through another pregnancy though.

I’m just going to keep taking it one day at a time and enjoy my last few months with Christopher all by himself 🙂