Recently hubby and I were talking with a friend of ours that we hadn’t seen in a while.  Hubby has been going through a tough time at work and it has been coming home with him, leading to a tough time at home.  After talking with our friend for about 10 minutes she stopped us saying, “the negative atmosphere in here is crazy!  What I see is that you are letting the negative feelings you are getting from work affect every other aspect of your life.”

What we needed to do was resolve every morning to have a good day, to go into the day with a positive attitude and not letting others’ negative attitudes drag us down.  When we resolved to have a positive attitude not only would it make us happier at home but, it would hopefully spread to others around us.  Have you ever tried smiling at a stranger?  More often than not they will smile back at you.

So, as I go into the end of my week I am doing it with a positive attitude.  It WILL be a good end of the week and I am not going to let others stand in the way of mine and my family’s happiness.

What things do you do to keep a positive attitude during your day?