Mama M is hosting Mother’s Day Mania, 5 days of Mother’s Day related posts!  Come join in the fun!  Today’s theme is Whoopsie Wednesday… we all have those whoopsie moments where little one bumps his head or skins her knee on our watch, one of those moments we’d rather forget but, will tell them again to let others know they are not alone.

So, here is my whoopsie moment…

Lately, Christopher has been wanting to sit on the sofa with me and play with his toys.  This is actually pretty cute when he’s not pulling my hair or putting his number flash cards in my face.  So, we sit on the couch and read books or drink our water together in the morning.  One of his favorite things to do is bring his bucket of blocks on the sofa with him dump it out on the sofa and then put all the blocks back in over and over again.

The point is, we hang out on the couch… a lot.

Even though I let him on the couch with me most of the time I have to help him down.  He’s starting to get the hang of it but, sometimes he tries to go head first.  We all know where this is heading right…

A few weeks ago he was sitting up with me playing with his blocks.  I turned around for a second to put my cup on the table next to me and I hear a CLUNK and screaming, crying, and wailing.  Oh my gosh!!  I turned around and  I scooped him up and held on to him for dear life.  5 minutes later all was well and we were playing blocks again.  But, I felt so bad that I turned my back for the split second.

I know I have more of these whoopsie moments but, this is just one I’m brave enough to tell!  To read more and laugh along with us stop by Mama M’s My Little Life and keep up with the Mania all week!