Ivy’s birth story is pretty quick and easy!  Geoff and I decided to be induced not because of big baby or extreme lateness . . . I couldn’t sleep and was having some panic attacks, so we decided to move forward with the birth before I exhausted myself . . . little did I know that the real exhaustion comes later!!!

We had a great dinner at Christina’s Mexican Cantina with yummy fajitas and guacamole and then saw Iron Man at the movies.  My OBGYN’s nurse called to tell us that they were filled up for the night and that I should arrive the next morning at 7am.  We barely slept a wink and were giddy all night!

We arrived bright and early to smiling nurses and even my doctor hanging out in the check in area of Labor & Delivery.  They waved us in and within an hour I had cytotec for inducement and some medicine to help me sleep some.  I woke up a few hours later to contractions and immediately got on my birthing ball.  I bounced in front of the fetal heart monitor for a few hours just watching and being completely fascinated . . . as you can imagine, real labor had not set in yet, but I had no idea!

Geoff and I tried watching some television, but nothing good was on.  We decided to call the family and let them know that we were at the hospital, since we had not told anyone that we were being induced.  They were all crazy excited.  I later found out that my parents, Geoff’s parents, and my sister, Jana, were all hanging out at the Boston Market down the street waiting for the go ahead to come to the hospital.  Jana said they would barely contain themselves.

Contractions got really intense and this is when I kind of lost track of time.  Apparently they went on for a while until I asked for an epidural.  Geoff said I thanked the nurse a millions times as they gave me the epidural!  This is crazy since I am super scared of needles.  After receiving the epidural, time seemed to speed up!

I went from 5 cm to 10 cm in a little over an hour!  Dr. Hsu said it was because the muscles in my body relaxed and allowed the birth to proceed.  I asked to use the bathroom and the nurse checked me first only to say NO!  Lots of scrambling and running around and then the room was filled with people.

As I began to push, I thought the room filled with people was way too quiet.  I grabbed up my IPOD and flipped to the Cranberries, one of our fav bands.  A half hour of pushing and then my beautiful little Ivy was in the world with the Cranberries playing in the background!  I cried and Geoff teared up!  My favorite part . . . watching Geoff . . . he only had eyes for his little girl and wouldn’t let go of her hand as they cleaned her up.  So amazing to see his instant bond with her.

Life was changed forever.  I look at her now and I am amazed and humbled.  With Baby #2 on the way, I look forward to his or her birth and hope that it is as pleasant and memorable as Ivy’s birth.  But most of all, I can’t wait to see Geoff as he looks at his second child for the first time . . . so beautiful and amazing!

Love lots,

Amanda- High Fire Mommy

Geoff, Ivy, and I