For those of you who don’t know, I am a crazy, crafty person!  I have a degree in Sculpture and enjoy working in my ceramics studio on my property.  I love all types of art and have a blast doing DIY project around my house.  I thought I would try to start posting some of the ideas on the blog.  Maybe some of you will become inspired!

Check out my latest finds while garage sale hunting today!

#1:  A solid wood shelf for $5.  I loved the detail on the brackets and I intent on painting it out white and hanging it above the new baby’s changing table.

#2:  Detail of brackets.

#3:  Antique iron grate for $5.  About 2 feet by 3 feet, it is large an heavy.  The chunky wooden frame has great breadth and I intend on white washing it.  The grate will need a good cleaning, but should look wonderful on my fireplace mantel.

#4:  Detail of grate.

#5:  Set of 21 pink vintage glasses.  I purchased these for Christine’s baby shower in June.  The theme is “Pretty in Purple and Pink!”  And what better way to serve pink lemonade than in these beautiful glasses.  The lady I purchased from said that she used to eat homemade ice cream out of them at her grandmother’s house when she was a little girl.  Heavy glass that should last a life time!

Pictures of the completed projects to follow!  Stay tuned for a “Nursery on a Budget” series to begin next week!

Love lots,

Amanda- High Fire Mommy