Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there.  You are awesome!  It’s the last day of Mother’s Day Mania over at Mama M’s and today we’re writing a letter to our first born that gave us this awesome job.  I hope everyone has a great day!!

Dear Christopher,

You made a dramatic entrance and haven’t stopped since.  You are the light of my life and I can hardly remember what I did before you came along.  You make things interesting every day.  I love watching you discover new things and taking steps to your independence.  I also  love when you come running back for an extra hug or a hand to get down a step because you’re not quite ready yet.  Take your time.

This past year and half has flown by and I expect the next 17 will as well.  I want you to remember that Mommy and Daddy love you no matter what.  Although we would love you more if you chose to play the saxophone…no, it’s okay if you decide percussion is for you. 

You were a miracle baby and you have great things ahead of you.  I can’t wait to see what you do in your life.  I am already so proud of you.  And remember watch your step.

I love you,