It’s almost the end of Mother’s Day Mania over at Mama M’s and I’m visiting my own mom this year for Mother’s Day.  I missed out on 5 Question Friday and I’m a little late for Saturday’s What do you love about being a mom… but, it’s still night time so, I’m going to sneak it in 🙂  Just a note, yes it is 4:15 am while I’m writing this because my child has been awake since 2 and after playing with him for an hour and a half I’m trying to wait him out to go back to sleep.  And now… what I love about being a mom…


The look they give you when they first wake up and you come into the room to get them


The complete adoration in their eyes because they don’t know what imperfect people parents are yet

Smashed food in their hair

The look they give you when they learn something new

Bath time

Baby “dances”

When they fall asleep on you and everything just seems perfect

And on that note, I’m hoping Christopher falls asleep soon!  Happy almost Mother’s Day!