Today like so many moms across the country, I woke up to my little Ivy talking and laughing in her crib.  I smiled . . .

We stayed at my in-laws house the night before in order to set up and take down a wedding in the area.  Ivy was a gem yesterday and the wedding went off without a hitch.  Great start to the weekend.  We spent the evening with good friends and watched them smile and giggle with our little girl.  We got to bed late after taking down the wedding . . . back to the smile.

I stretched in bed and turned to my hubbie to tell him that Ivy was awake.  He got out of bed and brought her back to say good morning.  She flopped herself across the pillows and prepared to have a grand old time, but Daddy swept her of into the kitchen for breakfast, while I snuggled back into bed for a little while longer.

My one request for Mother’s Day . . . donuts!  What can I say, I’m pregnant and I want donuts.  Geoff and my father-in-law picked up kolaches, glazed, and blueberry donuts, my favs!  I enjoyed the morning stuffing myself with yummy goodness and watching a little bit of Avatar.

Ivy gave me a wonderful card about how she had to look in the “awesome mom section” to find my card!  LOL!  Geoff surprised me with an Expectant Mom Package at a local, well known spa and salon.  It includes an hour prenatal massage, shampoo and style, as well as a makeup session with the makeup artist on staff.  I can’t wait!!!

We had lunch with our in-laws and then headed back home.  My mother and sister came over later that evening for dinner and to spend some time with Ivy.  I included a photo of the tablescape that I put together for the dinner . . . love the pink and green!

Pink and Green tablescape for Mother's Day!Detail of pink aqua beads

The day was relaxed and full of family . . . what more can a mom ask for!?!?!  Besides donuts.  Nothing eventful, but still so many memories.  So as I prepare for bed, I will complete the assignment for the last day of Mother’s Day Mania.  Writing a letter to my little Ivy.

Dear Ivy,

Today is my second Mother’s Day ever.  You are fast asleep in your crib tightly holding onto your pacifier and snuggled up to your Glow Worm.  Daddy and I smile at each other realizing we completed another day.

Today is a day that you laughed, cried, talked, walked, played, hugged, and smiled.

Today is a day that you taught us to love more, laugh more, relax more, and share more.

Today is another day that I got to hold you, soothe your cries, tickle you into fits of laughter, and tell you to be gentle with the puppies.

Tomorrow may be all of these things and more.

I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as I am going to love you tomorrow.

Sleep tight, Ivy.  And thank you for making Mother’s Day so special.

Love, Mommy

Ivy on Mother's Day 2010

Amanda- High Fire Mommy