I’ve been MIA for the last week because I’ve been visiting my mom and sharing in a huge moment in my little brother’s life. 

My brother and I are 2.5 years apart and definitely haven’t always gotten along.  When we were little we used to tease each other mercilessly and there were several knock-down drag-out fights.  But,  when Little Brother got to the point where he was taller than me, I thought it was probably a better idea to stop the fights! 

Our father was sick for most of our lives and we went through a lot of stuff that kids shouldn’t have to ever experience.  I believe these experiences brought us closer as brother and sister.  When I left for college, Little Brother was still a sophomore in high school and I missed out on a lot with him.  When he decided to go to the same college I was attending, I thought it was super cool.  I tried to get him in with my group of friends and invited him to the same parties.  But, he had other plans.  He made his own friends, he made better choices than I did and ultimately, was way more awesome than I was at going to college. 

I couldn’t have been more proud when Little Brother was accepted into one of the best Optometry schools in the nation 4 years ago.  I was even more proud to find out he was voted by his colleagues as Most Outstanding Colleague and gave the student speech yesterday at his graduation.  Sure, the day was ugly, it rained and Houston is a pretty crappy place anyway but, it was Little Brother’s day.  And I know our Dad was looking down and swelling with pride just as I was. 

I can’t believe Little Brother is all grown up, a doctor with a wife and soon a house.  It seems like just yesterday we were running around being silly kids. 

Congratulations John!  I know you’re going to be an awesome doctor!