Just a quick thought . . . why am I the only person in this house who knows where anything is?

Take yesterday afternoon, I am finally getting around to brushing my teeth and putting on a little bit of makeup.  My little Ivy is sitting in my lap carefully applying powder to her little face with mommy’s powder brush.  She is a girlie girl.  She signs to me that she wants juice, so I call to my husband and ask him to bring us her juice cup.

He calls back in response, okay.  Not one second later, he asks, “Where is it?”  I say in the living room.  He ask, “Where in the living room?”  At this point, I am dragging Ivy out of my lap, getting my very pregnant body up off the floor, and waddling into the living room.  Of course, the juice cup is on the side table staring at my husband.  Grrr.

The phrase “Where is it?” is a constant in our house . . . it is probably use a dozen times a day.  Is my husband blind or am I the only one who knows where anything is in this house?

Love lots,

Amanda- High Fire Mommy