This past week Mark had a job interview in Illinois of all places.  Now that I stay at home full-time this meant “no way am I staying home for 3 days by myself with Christopher!”  I might have said something like that.  So, we decided to drive the 10 hours to Illinois with Christopher in tow and stay in a super cheap hotel.  Here are some things I learned on this trip…

1.  Child-proof pill bottles make excellent toys in hour 8 of the trip when your child has gone through his entire bag of toys.

2.  The duffel bag containing said toys makes a great toy in hour 9.

3.  Screaming takes on a whole new level of annoying in hour 9.5

4.  Make sure you hide the phone in the hotel room or your child will try to call Japan.

5.  Hotels are actually pretty well child-proofed, except for the phone thing.

6.  Make sure your hotel has a pack-n-play for your toddler to sleep in, we called ahead.  They will give you a sheet for it as well but, I prefer to bring my own.

7.  Keep your childs shoes on, and maybe your own, in the hotel room because his socks turning brown from the floor will really gross you out.

8.  Make sure to bring your night light from home and any other bed time things, it makes it way easier for your child to sleep.

9.  Go to sleep the same time as your child unless you want them to scream and yell for an hour until you finally do go to sleep.

Overall, Christopher was really well-behaved.  The main problem we ran into was the we had to be in the car for an excessive amount of time over a 3 day span.  We tried to make sure every time we stopped to let him run around for a few minutes just to let off some steam and that seemed to help.

As far as the job interview, it went really well and we’re waiting on some details to be worked out before we hear more.