At a playgroup activity the other day, a little girl was wearing a pair of sandals that squeaked.  The shoes were cute and the little girl was even cuter with her constant dancing and swaying.  I asked her mother about them and she said that she ordered them on Amazon.  Well, I forgot to ask her the brand, so I ended up doing a little research and LOOK AT THIS DEAL!!!

Squeaker Sneakers is the company and I found many, many great comments from other moms about the company online.  I ordered Little Miss the “Red White 3 Flower Sandal”  because they are cute and they are an ADDITIONAL $10 OFF!!!  WooHoo!

Shipping is a flat $6, so my total purchase was $23.95.  Not Bad!  I ordered yesterday and then received an email today saying that they had already been shipped.

Will let you all know if Little Miss likes them or not!  I have been a little concerned that her feet have been turning inwards and heard that the squeaking shoes can help her walk heel to toe.  I am going to guess that she is going to love them!

-Amanda- High Fire Mommy