Let’s face it . . . nursery furniture is EXPENSIVE!  We were fortunate enough to have grandparents purchase the baby furniture for out first little one.  We selected a beautiful set including a 3 in 1 crib, changing table that converts to dresser, and a hutch to go on top of the dresser.  The furniture was being discontinued, so it was at a clearance price.  My parents still paid well over $850 for the furniture.  Yikes!

What we learned the first time around with furniture:

*  Babies like to chew on the furniture, so select a finish that can be touched up in the future.

*  The 3 in 1 is definitely the way to go.  There is more expense up front, but it allows easy transition as your little one grows and advances.

*  Stay away from TRENDY!  Select something that is classic and will not go out of style.

When it came time to select furniture for Baby #2, we turned to Craigslist.  Gasp!  Yes, we bought used nursery furniture.  Many people shy away from purchasing used nursery furniture because of recalls.

Here are a few tips for buying USED nursery furniture:

*  Ask for the manufacturer’s number that is located under the crib.  Go online and check to make sure that the furniture has not been recalled.  You can also locate several websites where people post their opinions about the furniture.  Never buy furniture that has been recalled.

*  When you go to see the furniture in person, have the owner set up all of the furniture.  Never buy a crib that is dismantled until you have seen it completely assembled.

*  Watch and take photos as the crib is taken apart.  My husband found the directions for the crib assembly online, but the owner also had all of the original instructions as well.  Make sure that every screws, nails, pin, etc is there.

*  Make sure that the prior owner has not made any “modifications” to the furniture such as additional decoration, screws, nails, permanently attached mobiles, etc.

*  #1 Tip for Buying Used Furniture:  If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t buy it!

We purchased a lovely white sleigh crib, changing table, glider plus ottoman, and side table from a family on Craigslist.  It was quite obvious during our inspection of the furniture that it had been treasured by the family.  Everything was in fantastic shape!  Take a look.

I cleaned everything with my favorite cleaning tool, a Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean.  Then to add a little bit more personality to the basic white pieces, I purchase unique cabinet knobs from Hobby Lobby to add to the dresser and side table.  Love it!  Knobs were way cheaper at Hobby Lobby ($2.99) than at Anthropologie ($4.99 to $12.99), in fact, some of them were the EXACT same design.

Drumroll, please!   How much did we pay for the furniture?  We bought the 3 in 1 convertible crib, changing table with glass front drawers, glider and gliding ottoman, and side table for . . . wait for it . . . $600!  We were so lucky with the price!  I looked up the price of the furniture brand new . . . over $1600!  WooHoo!

Amanda- High Fire Mommy