Because Amanda is awesome and likes to take on 9,000 things at once…she graciously offered to throw me a baby shower for Baby Girl.  I was super excited since the first pregnancy didn’t quite go as planned and Christopher was present for his own baby showers.

Baby Girl’s room is going to be in a lavender color once we get to where we’re going with the moving so, Amanda did a Pretty in Purple and Pink theme.  Everything was beautiful.  She made an awesome banner with Baby Girl’s name on it that we can hang in the nursery and it’s made out of scrapbook paper.  So easy!  Maybe if we ask her nicely she’ll do a tutorial for us!

She also made sure that all of the food was pink and purple.  It’s hard to find purple food!  But, she made it work.  She also had the help of our friend Jenny who is also just a creative person.  Between these two girls, I don’t have to look any further for creative inspiration!  Jenny made the beautiful diaper wreath that Amanda posted in her post.  It is so cute and I can’t wait to hang it in Baby Girl’s nursery.  I would have never thought of a wreath either.  Maybe we can get Jenny on here as well to show us how to that too.

The shower games were fun, but as Amanda said it was wonderful to just get a chance to visit with everyone.  My husband actually kept Christopher so, I could enjoy the shower and it was great.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves and I really want the recipes for all of the great food!  Thanks Amanda!!