The nursery is really starting to come together!  And it better since Baby #2 will be here in a matter of week!

Today, I am focusing on the artwork.  Everything you see here, I created myself and you can too!  Many people get intimidated by making their own artwork saying that they aren’t creative or they can’t draw a straight line.  I got new for you!  YES, you can do this!

For the above painting, I started by selecting an image that appears on the fabric that I chose for the nursery.  You can check out the fabric here.  I selected the house with a little garden around it.

I purchased a canvas and some basic acrylic paints.  You can even use craft paint from the hobby store which costs less that $1 per color.

For me, I just free-handed the drawing since it is such a simple little house.  But if you are concerned about your drawing skills, consider using a projector.  I own my projector and purchased it from Hobby Lobby a few years ago (using a 40% off coupon!).  But you can always trace your design and then borrow a teacher friend’s overhead projector to enlarge the image onto your canvas.  If that is not an option, you can use a basic computer program like Word to enlarge the picture and then print it out and trace onto your canvas.

I outline all of my drawing in black sharpie because I tend to paint over the lines and need the help locating them.

When beginning to paint, ALWAYS start in the background and work your way forward.  I started with the sky and ground, then shifts to the trees, then the house, and finally the wording and flower pot.

Once you have completed all of your painting, you can outline using a sharpie or using a paintbrush.  Whatever works best for you!

I also go back and apply a layer of spray polyurethane to cleanup the finish.

For the drawings on dictionary paper, I was inspired by this Etsy artist.  I loved her work, but was not willing to pay $10 a print.  I purchased a dictionary from Half Price Books for $8.

Once again I selected an image and freehanded it onto the paper.  You can use any of the above steps to transfer your image.  Or because this is a smaller piece.  Just print out your image and place it under the dictionary paper.  Tape it to a bright window and trace.

I used basic colored pencils to color in my images and then outline them using a black felt tip pen.  Simple, simple, simple, but it does take a little time.

I also made sure to draw the giraffe on the page that had the definition of giraffe and the same for the other images.

My frames were purchased with the mat included from IKEA.

Voila!  Instant artwork with a handmade touch!

Some other ideas that might work for you in your nursery or home:

*  Consider sticking to a basic alphabet letter in the color of your nursery.  You could spell out your child’s name, frame each letter, and hang above the crib.

*  Geometric shapes are super easy and look great!  Draw a circle, color to coordinate, and then write the definition for circle underneath and frame.

*  Collections are sooooo in!  Purchase a shadow box and arrange a selection of family jewelry, antique matchbox cars, family photos, hair bows, building blocks, etc.  The sky is the limit with this one!

Amanda- High Fire Mommy