A photo from my maternity shoot courtesy of Emily Melson Photography at http://www.emilymelson.com.

Well, I am 35 weeks and 5 days along with my second child and we are now playing the waiting game.

Over the past month, we have heard that our baby is a big one.  Knocking down the 100 percentile in size, our little one is growing at a fast rate.  After some unexpected preterm labor issues and a brief stay in the hospital, I have now been on medication for a week and a half and the contractions are long gone.

Why did I have preterm labor?  Doctors think the size of the baby and my extremely active lifestyle are a rough combination.  I have been under orders to lay off housework, strenuous activities, and toddler tossing (aka: my 18 month old).

Family has stepped up and I have someone with me every day taking care of the house and my little girl.  Truthfully, being still and relaxed is not my forte and I thought I would have a really hard time, but the mother instinct has kicked in and I am more than happy to be still and keep this baby baking for a little while longer.  It’s not forever right?

We have some big decisions to make over the next few weeks including whether or not to have an amniocentesis and then be induced, or just wait it out and hope the baby is not a 10 pounder as projected.  A week ago, I would have said to do the procedure and then induce, but now I am leaning towards letting nature make its own decision.

The “Waiting Game” is hard.  I think every pregnant woman feels the anxiety and pressure start to peak as the pregnancy ends . . . you become anxious to meet your little one and settle into your new life.  Just a little while longer . . .

-Amanda- High Fire Mommy