Should I reorganize my little girl’s shelves and room?  Oh, I also need to clean out Tupperware and throw the yucky stuff away, but before I do that, I should go through the cleaning closet and divide the cleaning products into tubs for different household chores . . .

All of this is pumping through my head as I laid in bed last night and leaned over to glance at the clock . . . hmm, 2:33 am.  Gosh, I think I have hit that CRAZY nesting phase.

If you ask my husband, he will tell you that I hit that nesting phase back in May when we began a remodel of the master bathroom, back porch, and a basic reorganization of the whole house . . . . reality is that I am like that even when I am not pregnant.  There is nothing better than walking into your house or settling in for the evening knowing that everything is in its place.

So what is next on my nesting “to do” list?  Glad you asked!  We are hosting a BaByQ on Saturday next week to celebrate Baby #2 on the way, so my list includes the basics like cleaning, freshening, cooking, etc.  Since I am restricted on activities, the family is stepping up to take over the list and we have also made some calls to have things done as well . . . aka:  catering by Dickey’s BBQ, lawn crew to take care of our almost two acres, and a bakery to make a fabulous cake.

I also hope to accomplish the following:

*  Get the upstairs back together!  Upstairs we have a large room where we keep a great tv and the office.  Unfortunately, we also keep our chaos up there as well.  We will be having over night guests next week, so the upstairs needs to be livable.

*  Tablecloths for the BBQ.  I have recently become obsessed with table cloths . . . I know, it’s weird.  But I think they really carry themes across when preparing for an event.  My mom and I selected a beautiful denim fabric and some ecru cotton with red stars (red, white, and baby blue theme for the bbq).  I hope to sit on the couch and cut the table cloths using pinking shears.

*  Reorganize my little girl’s room and closet.  It recently occurred to me that her room was set up for my convenience and pleasure.  That was fine when she was a baby, but now that I have an opinionated little toddler who likes her independent time, it may be necessary to rework things.  I plan on moving her book shelf (meaning tell my husband where to move the shelf) and some toys into the closet because she loves playing in there.  I am also going to put away a lot of the keepsake items from her birth and first 18 months.  I love them, but it is becoming too much to dust and these are things that she could care less about right now . . . maybe we’ll put them out in a few years.  I also want to revamp her changing area by removing the hutch . . . meaning have my husband move the hutch.  Hopefully, this will all brighten and enlarge the space so that she can continue her independent and determined exploration of the world.

There are about a million other things on my mind that I could list, but let’s not bore you with too many details . . . but I am looking forward to directing this craziness for the couch.

Did you hit the CRAZY nesting phase during pregnancy?  If so, what crazy thing did you obsess over?!?!?!

-Amanda- High Fire Mommy