A shot from my maternity shoot courtesy of Emily Melson Photography at http://www.emilymelson.com.

I just passed 38 weeks and we are still waiting for our little one to make his or her arrival.  I have been off of my “no contraction” meds for a week now and they obviously worked really well, because there is nothing going on!  LOL!

I have a few contractions an hour, but nothing more than that.  Although I am really looking forward to the baby’s arrival, it is probably good that he or she is not here quite yet . . . unfortunately, my father had a heart attack last week just days after we watched him blow out his 60th birthday candles.

The family was floored and of course shocked.  My father is a thin, athletic man by nature . . . something that I was lucky enough to inherit.  But he does work a lot and always puts his family before himself.  Turns out he had several blockages in his heart, but the doctors have assured us that everything is fixed up and he can begin the recovery process.

Although I cannot be in Virginia with everyone and my father, dealing with the situation is still difficult.  Geoff and I have been scrambling to figure out what to do with our daughter, Ivy, when the baby arrives.  Good thing we have Geoff’s parents and some great friends who have stepped up and volunteered to help us out.  It won’t be the same not having my family here, but what can you do?  Hopefully, my older sister will make it back in town and my little sister plans on visiting shortly after.  Looks like my parents won’t make it down here for a while.

On a happier note, Baby #2’s hold out has allowed Geoff and I to spend more time with Ivy.  We have been in such a whirlwind the last few months and now we finally have a little time to breathe and enjoy our beautiful little girl and her last days as an only child.  So far, we have hit the water park, playground, wading pools, and some toy shopping.  Plus, our days have been filled with lots of mommy/daddy/Ivy playtime.  We have relished every moment with her!

I can’t believe in a matter of days, I am going to be a mother of two!  Wow!