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Here is a quick tutorial for a Patriotic Wreath under $15!  Can’t buy a pre-made one for that price and it is fun to put together  . . .  even for the non-crafter.

Everything you see here was purchased at Hobby Lobby.  Don’t have a Hobby Lobby?  You can also find similar items at Michael’s, JoAnn Fabrics, and even Wal-Mart.  The price tags are still on, but I got everything for 50% off!  Gotta love Hobby Lobby!

Start by arranging your wooden embellishments on the wreath (no glue yet!) and make sure that they are spaced in a way that makes you happy.  I like to have one piece that is the focal point, so I used the red,white, and blue paddle.

To give it some personalization, I penciled in our last name and then painted it using basic craft paint that I had in my stash.  I had to put two coats of paint to get good coverage.  Once it is dry, go back with an eraser and get rid of any pencil marks.

To add a little bling, I pulled out my rhinestones and added them to the existing white stars on the paddle as well as the corners of my letters and the center of the wooden stars.  I used a basic white tacky glue.

While everything was drying, I worked on the bows.  I used light brown raffia tied into a knot.  Just grab several strands, fold in half, and then tie into a knot.  Trim to desired length.

For my bow, I cut one piece of ribbon that was about 12 inches long and put it aside.  Next, leaving the ribbon on the roll as I worked to make sure that I had enough, I layered the ribbon back and forth until I had create six loops (three on each side).  I twisted the ribbon to add one more loop in the center.

Use the 12 inch precut ribbon and string it through the seventh center loop.  Flip everything over and tie the 12 inch precut ribbon in a tight knot.  Turn bow back over and arrange loops until it looks pretty.  This works best with a wired ribbon.

I arranged my raffia and ribbon on the wreath and secured with hot glue.  Then I secured my paddle and stars with glue as well.

Hang it on your door and VOILA!  You are done!