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Texas weather is great.  One day it’s sunny and 75 degrees the next cloudy, raining and 55.  What is that saying??

“If you don’t like Texas weather, wait 5 minutes.”

Well, it’s been raining pretty much for weeks on end.  Normally, I try to walk 1-2 miles at least 4 times a week.  There is a great park that I go to with my mommies group about 5 minutes from my house and if I can’t get there, I’ll brave the 30 year old sidewalks in my neighborhood.

So, when it’s raining and you need to get out of the house and let the kids play where do you go??  Here is a list of good places to walk and play…

1.  My favorite but a little far from my house is Grapevine Mills Mall.  The entire circle of the mall is a mile long.  They even advertise that on their website.  You don’t even realize that you’re walking a mile when there are so many great stores to window shop in.  Just remember to walk quickly and keep your heart rate up to actually get that exercise in!  I try to make sure I do one lap before I stop to shop.

2.  The Shops at Willowbend…this is my other favorite because of their play place for kids.  The mall itself is pretty big and you can walk the bottom floor and then the top and probably get in about a mile.  The play place is great!  It is cushioned and looks like a big plate of steak and eggs.  They clean it twice a day at 11 am and 2 pm.  They actually make you leave while they clean it.  This makes me feel better with all the stuff about the flu going around.  This is a great place to go if your little one has a hard time being in the stroller for long periods of time.

3.  NorthPark Center… one of the best malls in the state of Texas.  People come from all over to go to this mall.  They have stores like Versace and Lacoste mixed in with Macy’s and EXPRESS.  This is a great place to people watch while you walk.  They also have a library for the little ones!  It’s the only mall in the country with a library inside of it.  The website also has a map specifically for mall walkers.

These are my top 3 malls to walk in.  Where do you go to exercise when the weather isn’t cooperating??