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As Big As A Pregnant Cow!!!

Really?!?!?!?  For those who know the SNL skit . . . here is the 2 by 2 version. 

I was at Marshalls on Wednesday looking for some new towels for our master bathroom.  An old woman (around 70) approached me and commented on how adorable my little girl looked . . . like any mother, I agreed whole heartedly! 

She then proceeded to turn and look at me and ask, “When are you due . . . like yesterday?”  REALLY?!?!? 

I proceed to tell her that I am due in August.  She says, “That is gonna be one BIG baby!”  REALLY?!?!? 

I laugh it off, but inside I am fuming!  Who says that to a pregnant woman?  Don’t people (especially other women) know that I already feel as big as a cow and that making comments does not help?  REALLY?!?!? 

Afterwards, I tell my husband what happened and he proceeds to tell me that I am not as big as a cow and not to worry about the crazy old lady.  Then he took me out on an impromptu date.  Leave it to that hubbie of mine to make me feel all better. 

But REALLY?!?!?  What was the worst thing someone said to you while pregnant?

-Amanda- High Fire Mommy