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For those of you who know what Get Your Craft on Tuesday is all about . . . stay tuned for some quick links to some great craft ideas!  For those of you who don’t . . . every Tuesday a few of the blogs that I follow link up ideas, tutorials, diy, and great craft projects.  I usually pour through them looking for some stand out ideas.  Today’s Creative Blog has a high level of participation and loads of ideas!  Check it out!

Here are a few that caught my eye!  Enjoy!

Diaper Bag Roll Tutorial by Just The Morning Coffee.

Ruffled American Flag Shirt by A Little of This, A Little of That.

Butterflies In the House by A Few Of My Favorite Things.

Buttefly BooBoo Bag by Pony Tails and Fish Scales.

Red, White and Blue Strawberries by Oopsey Daisy.


I am now almost officially 3 weeks more pregnant than I have ever been!  This is really exciting for me although I’m not really loving all of the fun things that come with late stage pregnancy.  Baby Girl is super active, practicing aerobics in my stomach at all hours of the day.  She is measuring on track and my blood pressure and weight are perfect.  We’ve decided on a name although, I’m trying not to use it too much just because I don’t want to jinx things.  I know I’m weird!

A lot of you know that I’ve been worried about Christopher’s language development.  At 18 months, he’s not using a lot of words… he babbles endlessly but, it’s mostly gibberish.  Technically, he is only 15.5 months since he was 2.5 months early but, I still worry.

Well, lately he’s started saying “uh oh” and I think he’s saying “what’s this?”  I also think I heard a “goggy” for doggy.  But, today I definitely heard something that floored me.  Walking through Albertson’s trying to prevent a tantrum because I wouldn’t give him the 2-liter of Mark’s favorite diet soda I heard something…



Big smiles and then “Aaa-sss”

OH MY GOD!  My child just said ass in public.

Mark walks up seconds later…


“Mark did you hear that”

“No, what??”

“It sounds like he’s saying ass!”

“No, it doesn’t…”

“Aaa-sss”  smiles

Mark doesn’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do.  So, we walk through Albertson’s with our happy child trying to suggest other words, “cats, hats, mats”  Nope,  just ass.  I can not believe this.  Mark and I don’t cuss in front of him, or at least try not to and if there was a word I would expect him to say it wouldn’t be that one!

I’ve been worrying about him talking for so long and this is what I get!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and if you have any suggestions about how to get an 18 month old to stop saying certain words but, encouraging others…send them my way!

So, my little Squeaker (new nickname after I purchases those squeaker shoes and now she can’t get enough of them) is a picky eater!  Not surprising as I am a picky eater and so are a few people in my family.  I’ve read a few articles about picky eaters and some people think that it could be hereditary.  I am not sure about that, but it is something that we have to deal with in our household.

I was recently on BlogFrog and the Mom Loop Community.  They usually do a Friday Follow where you can post your blog link so other moms can check you out!  I found this lovely lady at Milk N’ Honey

Anyone else out there have some great, healthy, and toddler friends recipes?

Besides some GREAT giveaways, she also has a fabulous post on some easy, breezy and toddler friendly recipes.  They include, wheat germ balls, pizza, waffles, broccoli cheese soup, etc.  Check it out!

At a playgroup activity the other day, a little girl was wearing a pair of sandals that squeaked.  The shoes were cute and the little girl was even cuter with her constant dancing and swaying.  I asked her mother about them and she said that she ordered them on Amazon.  Well, I forgot to ask her the brand, so I ended up doing a little research and LOOK AT THIS DEAL!!!

Squeaker Sneakers is the company and I found many, many great comments from other moms about the company online.  I ordered Little Miss the “Red White 3 Flower Sandal”  because they are cute and they are an ADDITIONAL $10 OFF!!!  WooHoo!

Shipping is a flat $6, so my total purchase was $23.95.  Not Bad!  I ordered yesterday and then received an email today saying that they had already been shipped.

Will let you all know if Little Miss likes them or not!  I have been a little concerned that her feet have been turning inwards and heard that the squeaking shoes can help her walk heel to toe.  I am going to guess that she is going to love them!

-Amanda- High Fire Mommy

This past week Mark had a job interview in Illinois of all places.  Now that I stay at home full-time this meant “no way am I staying home for 3 days by myself with Christopher!”  I might have said something like that.  So, we decided to drive the 10 hours to Illinois with Christopher in tow and stay in a super cheap hotel.  Here are some things I learned on this trip…

1.  Child-proof pill bottles make excellent toys in hour 8 of the trip when your child has gone through his entire bag of toys.

2.  The duffel bag containing said toys makes a great toy in hour 9.

3.  Screaming takes on a whole new level of annoying in hour 9.5

4.  Make sure you hide the phone in the hotel room or your child will try to call Japan.

5.  Hotels are actually pretty well child-proofed, except for the phone thing.

6.  Make sure your hotel has a pack-n-play for your toddler to sleep in, we called ahead.  They will give you a sheet for it as well but, I prefer to bring my own.

7.  Keep your childs shoes on, and maybe your own, in the hotel room because his socks turning brown from the floor will really gross you out.

8.  Make sure to bring your night light from home and any other bed time things, it makes it way easier for your child to sleep.

9.  Go to sleep the same time as your child unless you want them to scream and yell for an hour until you finally do go to sleep.

Overall, Christopher was really well-behaved.  The main problem we ran into was the we had to be in the car for an excessive amount of time over a 3 day span.  We tried to make sure every time we stopped to let him run around for a few minutes just to let off some steam and that seemed to help.

As far as the job interview, it went really well and we’re waiting on some details to be worked out before we hear more.

This subject makes me want to pull my hair out, hide my face in my hands, admit my total failure as a mother scream!!!

I can NOT get my son to let me brush his teeth without a knock-down, drag-out, screaming fight.

We started out about 6 months ago right around his first birthday brushing his teeth while he was sitting in his booster seat at the table after he ate his meal.  From the very beginning it was not a good situation.  I would sit down and show him the toothbrush and he would hold it, then I would swoop in and try to brush his teeth.  He would not have it.  Then we started to try to give him things to occupy his hands…some crayons, a pin wheel, eventually the training toothpaste.  Nope, didn’t work either.  We’ve also tried brushing while he’s in the bath and on the changing table.  No luck there either.

So, two weeks ago my mom was in town visiting when we tried to swoop in and clean our monster’s little darling’s teeth and she witnessed the chaos that ensued.  She told us to try letting him brush our teeth in the bathroom while standing on a stool.  I had heard this from other moms but, Christopher is pretty quick and I didn’t think he would sit still for it which is why I liked the booster seat because he was strapped in.

So, Mark and I made an agreement that we would try my mom’s way for a few days.  Well, Christopher loves to brush our teeth but, will he let us brush his?  NOPE.  Ugh.  As soon as I get near him with his toothbrush his arms start flailing and the screaming begins.  I’ve never heard of any other kid doing this.  Eventually, I can get the toothbrush in for a second but, I’m really afraid he’s going to get cavities before he can even talk!

Any moms out there have any other ideas?  I would love to know how to get this to work!

Christopher's face at his first dentist visit