Christopher's First Day

Born 12/11/08 3 lbs 7 oz 16.5 inches long

My son Christopher was born 10 weeks and 2 days early at 29 weeks and 5 days gestation.  When he was born he was 16.5 inches long and weighed 3 lbs 7 oz.  Today, he is 10 months old and 19 lbs.  He is my crawling, toddling, sometimes falling miracle.

For months, I have shared his story as well as my own with friends and family.  In telling our stories I am hoping to prevent them from happening to someone else.  In sharing about Christopher, I am hoping that other families that may go through this will feel comforted.  As a first time mom with a son living in an isolette in a hospital miles from my home, I devoured any information I could get about preemies.  Hopefully, this will find its way to someone like me.

The Pregnancy