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I watch my nearly 10 month old, Ivy, and smile as she pulls herself across the carpet and up onto the ottoman.  She looks over her shoulder to make sure I am still there and I clap and congratulate her on this accomplishment.  And in that precious moment, a shadow passes over me and I think why isn’t she crawling?

Anyone I spend time with knows that this has been a constant concern for a few weeks now.  And although, Ivy only recently began spending time on her tummy without complaint, I still find myself questioning her development.

Being a new mom, I am constantly pouring through book after book reading and taking in everything I can about parenting, babies, feedings, diapering . . . phew, it is exhausting!  Every book I have read says that crawling is not essential and that babies will crawl in their own time.  But still the concern overwhelms me and now it takes away from the moments that I should be treasuring.

So, here is my new goal . . . no more talk about crawling.  If Ivy crawls, then Ivy crawls.  For now, I want to enjoy my beautiful and spunky little girl as she plays, claps, and waves bye bye.  These are the moments that I don’t want to miss.  Crawling concerns are taking me away from her and I won’t allow it anymore.

I challenge you to take charge of that shadow when it passes over you.  You know what I am talking about!  Those little thoughts that creep into your mind and make you question yourself, your child, your family.  Tell the shadow no, you will not take this moment away from me.  Then take a breath, look around and smile.  It really is a special feeling.


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