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So, I have decided in an effort to save money to cut off our cable.  GASP!  I know, right?! It’s crazy but, we’re doing it.

Now, I have had cable or satellite since I was four years old.  So, this should be interesting.  One other note, we have an AWESOME 50 inch flat screen HDTV.  I’m so sad.

As of September 10, 2009 my household has been without cable.  On day 1 we had no tv what so ever.  And in that day, I read an entire 250 page book.  This was in between taking care of my son.  I am a fast reader but, still.  This kind of makes me think…how much tv have we been watching all of this time!!

Day 2, my husband was home and there was a TCU game on the cable we no longer had.  So, we ended up listening to the game on the internet while I cleaned the kitchen, made baby blankets, did, laundry, and played with Christopher.  Then we went out, in the rain, to get an antenna so we could at least get local channels.

Day 3, antenna is hooked up and we get about 20 channels.  Most of them are spanish or religious channels but, we are getting NBC and FOX.  We’ll have to take the antenna outside to try and get ABC.  So we at least get the Cowboys, I guess.

So, we’ll see how this goes.  We are saving $70 a month and only spent $38 on the antenna.  That’s the best part!